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Immortals of Aveum Is Out in July – Here Are the Preorder Bonuses

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If you’re looking for a new first-person shooter to get your hands on this summer, Immortals of Aveum is here with a spin on the genre that replaces a trigger with magic at your fingertips. The new game from Ascendant Studios is out on July 20 of this year and is currently up for preorder. We’ve gathered all of the important details on it for you to know ahead of its release below – from where you can preorder the game to bonuses included with a preorder.

Preorder Immortals of Aveum

Immortals of Aveum - PlayStation 5Out July 20, 2023Immortals of Aveum – PlayStation 5 $69.99


Xbox Series X|S


Preordering the game comes with the game itself alongside a preorder bonus, which you can learn more about below.

Immortals of Aveum Preorder Bonus

When you preorder Immortals of Aveum, you'll also receive the Purified Arclight Sigil. This is a weapon that boosts Shred on the main character, Jak’s, blue Strike spells along with increasing damage for his Shatter Fury spell. It'll surely make for a fun addition to your combat arsenal when you dive into the game.

Immortals of Aveum Trailer

What is Immortals of Aveum?

Immortals of Aveum is a single-player first-person shooter that trades guns for magical spells to cast. You play as a character named Jak – a mage with the rare ability to control all three colors of magic, otherwise known as a Triarch – who joins up with an elite order of battlemages to stop the Everwar and save the realms.

Our preview of the game explains that the, "combat shares many ideas with the military shooters we know and love," with the ability to "cast spells that act as long-range rifles, shotguns, grenades, and the like." We came away with the impression that Immortals of Aveum "looks like a new FPS to keep an eye on."

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Hannah Hoolihan is a freelance writer who works with the Guides and Commerce teams here at IGN.

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