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Best Gaming Headset Deals Right Now (June 2023)

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Nothing beats playing your favorite games like the sheer immersion of strapping on a gaming headset and wiling away the hours. Gaming headsets have seen a boom in recent years and now the amount of high-fidelity offerings on the market is immense.

That being said, gaming headsets can often represent quite a significant outlay for consumers, and many people are hesitant to purchase brand-new ones because of the price tag. So we thought we'd compile a list of our favorite gaming headset deals right now. Definitely take a look at some of the savings on offer in the Arctics line from Steel Series. Another top pick is the JBL Quantum One for just $150. Let's take a look!

Up to 35% Off Steel Series Arctis Headsets

Arctis Nova 7Steel SeriesArctis Nova 7 28% off $179.99$129.95Arctic PrimeSteel SeriesArctic Prime 35% off $99.99$65.32Arctis 1Steel SeriesArctis 1 35% off $99.99$65.12

When we're talking about gaming headsets, it's hard not to start with SteelSeries and their line of Arctis products. They're some of the very best gaming headsets on the market right now and you can grab the Arctis Nova 7, Arctis 1, and Arctis Prime models for a 'steel' (pun fully intended).

The Nova 7 has come down to $130 from its RRP of around $180, which represents an excellent saving. They feature a custom-designed acoustic system to deliver high-fidelity audio to gamers. It might not pack as much punch as its expensive older brother the Arctis Nova Pro wireless, but for its price it more than delivers.

The Nova 1 and the Arctic Prime also represent excellent options for people shopping on more of a budget. Both currently have their prices slashed by 35%, with both models coming in at around $65. They might be at the lower end of the Arctis hierarchy, but they are nothing to turn your nose up at, especially for that kind of price.

Razer Barracuda X For $89.99

Barracuda XRazerBarracuda X 10% off $99.99$89.99

The Razer Barracuda X is one of those headsets that truly defies its own price. It's been one of our best budget picks for some time now, and it's plain to see why. It's compatible with a bunch of different platforms. Gamers on PC, PlayStation, Switch, and Xbox will be able to take advantage of the quality sound offered by the Barracuda X. For all of those devices except Xbox Series X/S, you can use it wireless with the 2.4GHz dongle.

The RRP for this headset is already pretty low, but now it's 10% off on Amazon and you can scoop it up for just under $90.

JBL Quantum One at Half Price

Quantum OneJBLQuantum One 50% off $299.95$149.95

If you're looking for unrivalled surround sound when gaming, then look no further than the amazing JBL Quantum One. This wired headsets features specially designed audio technology to help bring your games and movies to life with its excellent surround sound capabilities.

This is a popular headset, but a lot of people tend to feel a bit priced out when they're looking for a new set. It's not the cheapest at its RRP, but Amazon are currently selling the model for just $149.95. That's a massive 50% discount.

Corsair HS65 For $50

HS65 SurroundCorsairHS65 Surround Best wired gaming headset37% off $79.99$50.00

This is one of our favourite headsets out there and it definitely represents the best wired gaming headset on the market right now. One of the best things about this headset is its excellent directional audio. You'll be able to hear every enemy in your games with ease.

This headset usually RRPs at around $80 but you can currently enjoy a very agreeable $30 off and grab it for just $50 at the moment.

Best Deals on Xbox Series X/S Optimized Headsets

Xbox Wireless Gaming HeadsetXbox Wireless Gaming Headset 15% off $99.99$85.00Recon 200 Gen 2Turtle BeachRecon 200 Gen 2 25% off $59.95$45.00KrakenRazer Kraken 44% off $79.99$44.99

Xbox Series X/S gamers quite often feel a bit short changed when it comes to headset compatability, but ther are a few options out there for you at a slashed price at the moment.

The specialy made Xbox Wirelss Headset is 15% off at the moment, while the Turtle Beach Recon 200 is down to just $45.

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