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Best LEGO Deals (June 2023)

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One of the most common comments in our LEGO articles is that LEGO sets cost too much money. And it’s true that they don’t tend to come cheap. It costs a lot to design these sets, and in many cases license them, and produce all the interlocking pieces with enough precision that they fit together just so. Still, money is money. So you’ll be pleased to know LEGO sets often go on sale at retailers like Amazon, Best Buy, and Walmart.

Below, we’re tracking all the best deals on a wide variety of LEGO sets, from Nintendo LEGO sets to Star Wars LEGO sets and well beyond. So take a look and pick up any you want.

LEGO Sets on Sale Now

LEGO Deals at Amazon

LEGO Icons Back to The Future Time MachineLEGO Icons Back to The Future Time Machine Set #10300, includes 1,872 pieces.11% off $199.99$178.99LEGO Star Wars The Mandalorian's N-1 StarfighterLEGO Star Wars The Mandalorian's N-1 Starfighter Set #75325, includes 412 pieces.20% off $59.99$47.99LEGO Star Wars: The Mandalorian Series The ChildLEGO Star Wars: The Mandalorian Series The Child Set #75318, includes 1,073 pieces.20% off $89.99$71.99LEGO Icons Flower BouquetLEGO Icons Flower Bouquet Set #10280, includes 756 pieces.20% off $59.99$47.99

LEGO Deals at Best Buy

LEGO The Friends ApartmentsLEGO The Friends Apartments Set #10292, includes 2048 pieces.17% off $179.99$149.99LEGO Bonsai TreeLEGO Bonsai Tree Set #10281, includes 878 pieces.20% off $49.99$39.99LEGO Marvel I am GrootLEGO Marvel I am Groot Set #76217, includes 476 pieces.13% off $54.99$47.99LEGO - Minifigures Series 24 (6-Pack)LEGO – Minifigures Series 24 (6-Pack) Includes six minifigure blind bags.20% off $29.95$23.99LEGO Ideas Fender StratocasterLEGO Ideas Fender Stratocaster Set #21329, includes 1,074 pieces.20% off $119.99$95.99

LEGO Store Rewards

If you’re a frequent buyer of LEGO sets, you should absolutely join the LEGO VIP program. It’s free to sign up, and it gets you various rewards and early access to popular sets on the official LEGO Store. Every purchase you make gets you VIP points that you can spend on all sorts of things on the site, like discounts on specific sets and raffle entries to win pricy sets.

The LEGO Store also frequently gives away small exclusive sets when you spend a certain amount of money on the site. These sets are often timed around the release of major sets and the free set you get will usually be part of the major set’s theme. For instance, when you buy an expensive Star Wars set, you might get a small build of the Death Star for free. But you can only take advantage of these freebies if you’re a VIP member, so you might as well sign up now.

How to Tell if a LEGO Discount Is an Actual Deal?

LEGO sets are unlike many other items for a number of reasons. One reason it that LEGO sets get retired regularly. There’s no such thing as an evergreen LEGO set that will always be available. The LEGO company stops producing older sets all the time to make shelf space (and production space) for the new sets it’s also always releasing. That means you can often find LEGO sets on sale, especially when they’re nearing the end of their life cycles.

The best way to know if a discounted LEGO set is a particularly good deal is to find the set on Amazon and paste the Amazon URL into the search field on Camelcamelcamel. That site tracks Amazon price history, so you can see if it’s ever dropped to a lower price, and how often it tends to go on sale. It’s a super useful tool for anything you’re looking to buy, as long as it’s available on Amazon.

Chris Reed is a commerce editor and deals expert for IGN. He also runs IGN's board game and LEGO coverage. You can follow him on Twitter @_chrislreed or Mastodon @chrislreed.

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