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Best 4K Projectors for Xbox Series X

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With the rise of 4K gaming, choosing the best 4K projector for the Xbox Series X can be difficult. You certainly wouldn't want to sacrifice visual quality, but you probably don't want to pay a ton for one, either.

Thankfully, our list of the best 4K projectors for the Xbox Series X has an option for every type of gamer. That's because not everyone is looking for the same type of projector. So, no matter if you're looking for something more high-end or on the affordable side, there are options for everyone on this list. There are plenty of high-end projectors that offer true 4K viewing, while others offer native 1080p with the option to bump the quality up to 4K, too.

Here are our recommendations for the best 4K projectors for the Xbox Series X.

LG 4K ProjectorLG 4K Projector The LG HU70LA 4K Projector offers a solid 4K resolution on a 140-inch screen, Bluetooth, a built-in Alexa, and a Magic Remote that can easily connect to tons of apps. It doesn’t get better than this.ViewSonic 4K ProjectorViewSonic 4K Projector The ViewSonic 4K projector provides an immersive experience into the world of 4K gaming. With a full HD screen of up to 300 inches, you’ll find that your games have never looked better.Yaber ProjectorYaber Projector The Yaber Y21 Projector provides sharp and detailed HD content without downscaling or compressions, and has built-in 5w dual stereo speakers, all for one great low price.Artlii ProjectorArtlii Projector The Artlii Energon 2 Projector comes equipped with full HD native 1080p, complete 4K support, and the ability to screen mirror from your phone through a WiFi or Bluetooth connection. Epson 4K ProjectorEpson 4K Projector The Epson Home 4K Projector uses advanced pixel-shifting technology to ensure 100% RGB color on every single frame, and offers 2600 lumens of brightness and a high contrast ratio.Optoma 4K ProjectorOptoma 4K Projector The Optoma 4K Projector offers 240Hz, enabling blur-free visuals and the lowest input lag on a 4K projector. With a 26ms response time, you’ll find that your games have never been more responsive.YABER ProjectorYABER Projector The YABER projector kit is the best deal out there. That’s because it comes with a beautiful 4K projector and a carrying case perfect for travel, all for one great price.BenQ Gaming ProjectorBenQ Gaming Projector BenQ’s gaming projector has 1080p resolution but supports 4K. It also has an integrated 5-watt speaker by treVolo, with an equalizer, so you’ll always experience top-notch sound.XGIMI Horizon Pro 4K ProjectorXGIMI Horizon Pro 4K Projector XGIMI’s Horizon Pro 4K projector has a compact size that fits just about anywhere. It also features True 4K technology, with 8.29 million pixels and ultra-bright 2200 ANSI lumens.

About the author: Brian Barnett has been a critic and reviewer since 2016 and has written reviews, guides, deal posts, tech breakdowns, and more for IGN since 2017.

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