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Atlas Fallen Is Out in August – Here Are the Preorder Bonuses

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For those looking to add another open-world game to their list this year, Atlas Fallen is well worth keeping your eyes out for. The new game from Deck 13 is set to release on August 10 of this year, and if you're interested in picking it up, we have all the details on where you can preorder the game and what bonuses you get alongside a preorder.

Preorder Atlas Fallen

Atlas Fallen (PS5)Out on August 10, 2023Atlas Fallen (PS5) $59.99


Xbox Series X|S


The standard physical edition comes with the game itself, plus the preorder bonus, which you can learn more about below.

Atlas Fallen Preorder Bonus

When you preorder a physical version of Atlas Fallen, you'll get the Ruin Rising Pack alongside it. This includes the items listed below:

  • Nyaal's Wrath Gauntlet Skin
  • Thelos & Nyaal Shields
  • Gathering Storm Signets
  • Essence Stones & Idol Pack
  • Ruin Rising Armor Dyes

Atlas Fallen Trailer

What Is Atlas Fallen?

Originally revealed during Opening Night Live at last year’s Gamescom, Atlas Fallen is a very sand-centric game, from its weapons to its open-world setting. In it, your character comes into possession of a magical gauntlet and uses sand-based weapons and skills to take down monsters.

Our preview of the game called it, “A scrappy open-world action RPG that introduces several fresh ideas in an often unexplored setting.” Though originally planned for a May 16 release, it was recently delayed to August 10, with the developers citing that they’d “love to give the game some extra time” in order for them “to deliver the best possible version of Atlas Fallen."

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Hannah Hoolihan is a freelance writer who works with the Guides and Commerce teams here at IGN.

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