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Seven Things You Should Know About Black Desert Online Land of the Morning Light

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Black Desert Online's newest expansion "Land of the Morning Light" has officially launched, and it's bringing a whole lot of new content with it. Newcomers and longtime fans of the game can experience a new story, fight against fearsome new enemies, explore a whole new region, and defeat bosses based on traditional Korean folklore.

That's not even half of what’s coming in The Land of the Morning Light. Here are seven things you should know about your upcoming journey

1. Land of the Morning Light is Designed for Beginners

Black Desert Online is a big game with a lot of content, but new players shouldn't feel pressured to play "catch up." The Land of the Morning Light expansion is designed to be especially welcoming to newcomers, so you can start with the expansion from level 1 if you like. Or if you want to go the traditional route, the original quest is still available as a starting point, too.

2. Environments, Monsters, and Stories are Based on Korean Myth–With a Twist

Land of the Morning Light is chock full of monsters, beasts, and locales that are inspired by Grimm's fairy tales and flavored by Korean myths and legends. People, buildings, and creatures are framed by picturesque scenery with a strong resemblance to Korea's landscapes. This cultural union presented an interesting challenge for Land of the Morning Light's design team, which hopes Westerners will immerse themselves in its unusual environments.

Land of the Morning Light's unique community vibe also adds seasoning to these traditional depictions. Black Desert Online players famously spend ages assembling and tweaking their outfits, which adds a charming modern touch to a world teeming with traditional imagery.

3. The Story and Questlines are Non-Linear

Black Desert's storytelling methods have been overhauled. Gone is the linear quest progression. Instead, you get to choose your path by selecting storylines in Dalbeol Village. The choices you make will write the ending to your own tale, and your actions alter your ending accordingly.

Each story in Land of the Morning Light is woven from Korean folklore. One example is the Tale of Songakshi, which revolves around the undeath of the infamous Korean ghost of the same name. As you follow the white-robed spirit's questline, you learn the story of how she became such a tragic figure. With more than 80 story cutscenes and 40 vignettes to pursue, Land of the Morning Light will lead you through a living fairy tale.

4. Boss Fights Are More Exciting

No more grinding in Black Desert Online's monster zones. In Land of the Morning Light, your main job is to tackle each ferocious boss. You can conquer them in any order, but whichever way you go, you can count on getting into a fierce scrap at some point.

Beginners shouldn't worry much about getting overwhelmed. Each boss is ranked from "Calamity Lv. 1" to "Calamity Lv. 10," and as you might expect, level one fights are easy enough for newcomers to digest. But higher-level Calamity bosses can alter their attack patterns, and defeating them requires more organization and forethought. If you want to claim ultimate victory, you'll have to strategize which class, skills, and combat style will be the most effective to battle in the Land of the Morning Light. But hard fights yield rich rewards, like rare crafting materials and a place on the public Time Attack Charts. Take up your arms and do your best.

5. Lots of New Outfits, Housing, Furniture–and a Pet

Black Desert Online is mostly about flaunting your character's deep customization, and you can be sure the preening and parading continues in Land of the Morning Light. Look for tons of new clothing options, including new fashions based on the Joseon era of Korea's history. There are also two Korean-style residences, as well as traditional Korean furniture for your house. A new ship, Panokseon, is likewise based on the ships of the Joseon era. If you want a companion for your adventure, look to the new pet, Prankkebi. This cuddly little troll can detect hostiles, and increase rare item drop rates. When it becomes more seasoned, it gains the ability to change its appearance to a fierce-looking goblin at night. (It's still small and cute, though.)

Black Desert – Land of the Morning Light Expansion

6. Woosa and Maegu Awakening Update Comes Along

Woosa and Maegu are sisters as well as fierce rivals. One sister is affiliated with the Woodo school, while the other the Jwado School. The sisters embrace conflicting martial arts training methods and ideologies. Maegu's outlook on life resembles that of Star Wars' chaotic Sith, whereas Woosa's more resembles the lawful Jedi.

Both sisters go through an "Awakening" quest. Woosa learns to draw power from the Seocheon Flower Garden, a peaceful afterlife realm in Korean legend. Woosa's mid-range attacks utilize flowers, which bloom according to her needs. Maegu took a different path in life after dropping out of the Woodo School to attend the rival Jwado School. She finds her groove in her new home, and learns how to wield fans with deadly efficiency.

Whereas Woosa's flower-based attacks give her some room to move around, Maegu likes to get up close and personal with her fans. She can also command powerful fire attacks by calling on the power of the Foxspirit, or she can utilize special skills that make her move at lightning speed.

Woosa's Awakening released on May 31st, and Maegu's Awakening is coming soon!.

7. Look for Bonus Content All Summer Long

Land of the Morning Light is running a Summer Season event from May 24 to July 26. You can take on challenges that rain down rare rewards, plus you can take advantage of Summer Season's "Hot Time." During Hot Time, you can earn 300% combat experience, 100% more skill experience, and 30% life experience.

Another time-saver is the mini-game built on Land of the Morning Light's gathering system. Gathering resources in The Land of the Morning Light might trigger a mini-game based around the material being harvested, and winners will find themselves awash in rare rewards like the thousand-year-old Wild Ginseng, which buffs players up for three months. Participating in these mini-games can also earn you more materials, which cuts down on time spent gathering.

Enter the Land of the Morning Light now. The expansion is free for players who already own Black Desert Online.

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