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IGN Expo 2022: Everything Announced at the Summer of Gaming Showcase

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IGN Expo 2022 is over, and included new announcements, game reveals, fresh trailers and more. If you missed the show, we've got a rundown of everything included below.

Aliens: Fireteam Elite – Exclusive DLC Reveal

IGN Expo has seen the exclusive reveal of Aliens: Fireteam Elite – Pathogen, the first major DLC pack for the co-op shooter, which will be released on August 30.

Pathogen will see Aliens: Fireteam Elite expanded with a brand new campaign containing three missions and new enemy types. The storyline sees the Endeavor's crew visit LV-895 where they find that the planet's xenomorphs have been infected and mutated into fearsome new forms. The trailer shows off several of these new aliens, which draw upon the grotesque white Neomorph designs from Alien Covenant.

Starkeepers – New Game Reveal

Starkeepers is a new MMORPG coming to Steam Early Access in 2023. A sci-fi game at heart, Starkeepers' central race is a group of anthropomorphic Viking animal-people, including wolves and seals. These unusual heroes are the titular Starkeepers, god-chosen warriors sent to ward off eldritch cosmic threats.

A gameplay teaser showed off the game's low-poly looks, its mixture of action combat and town building, not to mention trap-filled dungeons. The developer promises a vast open world, filled with multiple factions, and the opportunity to fight both beasts and gods along the way.

Vice NDRCVR – New Game Reveal

Vice NDRCVR is a new game about taking down '80s drug cartels by using their computer systems against them. Revealed for the first time during IGN Expo, Vice NDRCVR evokes the likes of Hypnospace Outlaw and Her Story by having you search through a fictional computer operating systems for evidence to use in busting – or aiding – Miami's biggest drug smuggling gangs.

VergeWorld – New Game Reveal

VergeWorld is a new combat racing game with a beautiful, PS1-inspired look – and it's coming to PC this fall. The game has a roguelike structure, sending you dogfighting, racing and violently exploding through procedurally generated courses. Between runs, you'll be able to use collected resources to upgrade your post-apocalyptic flying machine.

Ground Divers – New Game Reveal

IGN Expo saw the reveal of Ground Divers, a brand new game in the style of classic arcade game Dig Dug – but filled to the brim with systems more familiar from an RPG. It arrives for Nintendo Switch on June 30.

Described as a "slapstick discovery game", Ground Divers sees you guide the rabbit-like mining robot Tsuruhashi into increasingly complex mine shafts of your own creation.

Project Warlock 2 – Surprise Early Access Release

Buckshot Software and Retrovibe has announced that '90s-style FPS Project Warlock 2 is available now on PC in Early Access via Steam and GOG.

A new trailer showed a rapid-pace glimpse of the content available during Project Warlock 2's Early Access version. This smaller slice of the full game contains six levels that Buckshot Software describes as being up to 10 times bigger than any level in the original Project Warlock. Each level is a multi-floor structure with platforms and buildings that add a new layer of verticality to the run-and-gun gameplay.

Roots of Pacha – Demo Out Now

Roots of Pacha, a life-sim about guiding a Stone Age tribe to success, has released a Steam demo today.

Shown during IGN Expo, a new trailer showed off the tribe learning to use seeds to grow crops, build settlements, irrigate fields, and even play music in rhythm action sections. The demo is available on Steam now, and using the code "SMILEY" will unlock a special hat for your character (which is just a cat balancing on your head).

Block N Load 2 – New Gameplay and Closed Beta Announced

Block N Load 2 got a re-reveal at today's IGN Expo, and we learned a closed beta is on the way soon. The destructive FPS, which mixed Team Fortress-like team-based battling with Minecraft voxels, is a return to the ideas of the 2015 original – albeit with better looks, more complex building mechanics and more varied combat.

Core Keeper – New Update Announced

Core Keeper, the mining sandbox adventure game from Pugstorm and Fireshine, has revealed its first major update, The Sunken Sea – and has added dedicated server support today.

The Sunken Sea update has players navigating a brand new water-based biome, filled with aquatic threats and treasure-filled islands. The update adds boats for the first time, as well as new enemies, weapons, valuables, ores, base building items, and more. Today also sees the addition of dedicated server support for the up-to 8-player game. Players will now be able to host their own multiplayer worlds and have friends join at any time.

The Walking Dead: Last Mile – Release Date Announced

Ambitious interactive experience The Walking Dead: Last Mile will begin on July 11. In a new trailer, we saw a situation in which a scavenger dispatches a frozen walker, then got ambushed by another human. In the ensuing fight, the ambusher is shot, but the scavenger opts to take them back to their community for treatment. It's a taste of the kinds of moral dilemmas Last Mile hopes to offer.

Superfuse – Early Access Release Window Announced

Superfuse – a superhero dungeon crawler with hyper-customizable powers – will hit Steam Early Access this fall.

Announced in a new trailer, we saw a hint of the story told through classic comic book panels, followed by some very gory gameplay. Players will create an Enforcer – superpowered humans given the job of eliminating corrupted beasts across the solar system – and take down enemies using a mixture of classic Diablo-style loot and deeply customizable powers split between 5 main classes.

Sacrifire – PC Release Window Announced

Developer Pixelated Milk has announced that its upcoming action JRPG, SacriFire, will release on PC in 2023. Console releases will follow later.

The news of a 2023 release came accompanied by a brand new trailer that shows off three of the game's vibrant locations. First up is Ivanstone, one of SacriFire's hub locations, which is located in the underground city of Anitoch. The trailer then showcases Erebus, a forest haunted by the spirits of both the living and dead. Finally, we're shown Bohemond's Office, a room where missions are assigned to protagonist Ezekiel.

Voidtrain – Release Window Announced

IGN is pleased to reveal that Voidtrain, the interdimensional survival game in which you pilot a train through the terrifying void, is finally coming to Steam this October.

Voidtrain has been available in Early Access on the Epic Games Store since August 2021, but developer HypeTrain Digital has now announced that the game's next stop is Steam, and it will pull into Valve's station in just a few months.

No Place for Bravery – Release Date Revealed

IGN is pleased to announce that No Place for Bravery, a 2D pixel art game with Sekiro-inspired combat, will launch this September. A new trailer reveals that No Place for Bravery will be available on PC (via Steam, Epic Games Store, and GOG) and Nintendo Switch from September 22.

The Unliving – Early Access Release Date

The Unliving will bring its unholy combination of action RPG and real-time strategy to Steam Early Access on Halloween this year.

Announced during IGN Expo, the October 31 release date will introudce players to a handsome pixel-art game that sees you taking control of a necromancer who build an army of undead warriors, uses them to destroy their human enemies – and then reincarnates those enemies as more soldiers. Sacrificing portions of your army even lets you cast new, more powerful spells.

Dinkum – Early Access Release Date

Dinkum will be released into Steam Early Access on July 14. We got a new look at the life sim, which draws heavy inspiration from Animal Crossing, but adds town building, multiplayer activities, and lots of charming Australian touches.

The trailer gives us a look at (deep breath) exploring its modular Outback settings, wildlife, fishing, resource collecting, crafting, farming, bug catching, NPCs, hang gliding, spelunking, combat, and jetskiing. And this is just the early access version.

There Is No Light – Release Window and Story Trailer

There Is No Light – a brutal, pixel art hack 'n' slash – will be released in September. A brand new animated trailer shown during IGN Expo, showed the game's haunted hero dispatching enemies – and revealing a healthy slice of gameplay too.

Set in a grimdark underworld, There Is No Light has you exploring a world left shattered after the Church of the Great Hand massacres humanity. You'll help survivors and get into punishing, high-speed fights against the Church's enforcers. The game looks to mix the rewarding challenge of the Souls games with the speed of classic action games.

Coral Island – Early Access Release Date

Coral Island is a farming and life-sim, coming to Steam Early Access on October 11. You'll be tasked with revitalizing not just a town, but its surrounding reefs, while getting to know more than 50 NPC residents along the way (20 of whom are romance options for your character). The trailer above even hints at a darker subpot than you might expect from such a pretty game…

Orx – Exclusive Factions and Release Window Trailer

Card-based city building strategy game Orx – which describes itself as "like playing Carcassonne with your table on fire" – will be released in August, and a new gameplay trailer shows off its handsome, hand-drawn art style, multiple factions, and very busy battles.

Ship of Fools – Platforms Announcement Trailer

This co-op ship defense game comes with some very pretty looks – and now it's coming to lots more platforms, adding PS5, Xbox Series X/S and Nintendo Switch alongside Steam. Get a look at the fantastical exploits (and oar slapping) you'll be doing later this year in the trailer above.

Gungrave G.O.R.E. – Extended Gameplay Trailer

The new trailer for the retrun to the cult classic shooter series begins with a flying coffin violently squashing a criminal goon, and pretty much proceeds as you'd expect from there. This over-the-top revenge story shows off its cyberpunk city and many, many guns – and teases some massive boss battles too.

Wanted: Dead – Exclusive Story Trailer

The high-speed sci-fi action game showed a mixture of its cutscenes and gameplay in a new trailer. The game, set in a cyberpunk take on Hong Kong stars elite police officer Hannah Stone – but the trailer makes clear that there's a conspiracy surrounding her katana wielding exploits. It's coming to PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S & PC in Q4 2022.

Forever Skies – Exclusive Gameplay Trailer

The new post-apocalyptic survival game from Far From Home showed off its ruined environments, scavenging, crafting, and combat in a new gameplay trailer during the show. The climate-change inspired game revealed new flying mechanics, an illness system and new tools for survival along the way.

Autopsy Simulator – Exclusive New Trailer

A grim new trailer for Autopsy Simulator showed off a range of the… subjects you'll be working with in the new game from Woodland Games. It also hinted at the story behind all this grisly work, with a serial kidnapper on the loose, and corpses in all kindsof conditions for you to work with. The game arrives on Steam in November.

Outbreak Island – Exclusive Gameplay Trailer

The new trailer for this island survival game promises that you won't just need a gun to survive, but a camera. Mixing survival with detective elements, Outbreak Island will have you exploring both on land and in water, fighting off zombie-like threats, building bases and hunting for food, and we see all of the above in action. The game launches in Q3 2022.

Rose & Locket – Exclusive New Trailer

This stylish, surreal 2D action-platformer sees the dead rising in an underworld Wild West, and a new trailer gives us a look at its exacting combat in full flow. A demo will arrive in October.

The Last Worker – Exclusive Gameplay Trailer

This satirical first-person adventure has some serious acting pedigree, including Harry Potter star Jason Isaacs, and the new trailer shows that off in unexpected fashion. It's a fun scene between two characters – one of whom really needs to use the bathroom, but can't go if his robot pal is watching. A demo for the game is out now.

Gori: Cuddly Carnage – Exclusive Gameplay Trailer

Imagine a trailer for a game featuring a little cat riding a hoverboard and violently eviscerating evil unicorns in a sci-fi city. Well, you still haven't imagined quite how strange the new trailer for Gori: Cuddly Carnage is – make sure to give it a watch.

MADiSON – Exclusive Story Trailer

The last in a series of story trailers, the latest trailer for psychological horror game MADiSON focuses on Blue Knees, a horrific entity chasing you around the game's run-down world. You'll only have an instant camera to save you from a terrible fate when the game arrives on July 8.

Lifeless Moon – Exclusive Gameplay Trailer

Lifeless Moon is a surreal puzzle-platformer featuring astronauts lost in a familiar-but-mysterious town – and we saw more of it today. Coming in Q1 2023, Lifeless Moon looks to build on previous game Lifeless Planet's mysterious sci-fi premise when it arrives on PC, Xbox and PlayStation.

Evotinction – Exclusive Gameplay Trailer

This hacking and stealth game got a fresh outing, showing off glimpses of how you'll need to use sneaking, futuristic tech and moments of combat to put an end to an AI gone rogue. Evotinction is coming to PlayStation and Steam.

Hype Squad – Exclusive Gameplay Trailer

This colorful arena combat game pits huge groups of melee and ranged players against one another in urban environments, and we got a look at the chaos that ensues in this new trailer. The game will be running an alpha test on Steam between June 13 and 20.

Freaked Fleapit – LilyPichu Announcement Trailer

Rhythm-action game/ dungeon crawler/dating sim Freaked Fleapit has brought in musician and streamer LilyPichu to voice one of its lead characters, Fasaria, and a new gameplay trailer shows off her voice work.

Quiet Farm – Exclusive Gameplay Trailer

There aren't a great deal of games where you control a cow in a third-person action-adventure mission to save the world, so this action-packed trailer is, quite literally, unique.

Ratten Reich – Exclusive Gameplay Trailer

This squad-based strategy game is set in a grim, familiar world war – except for the fact that it's being contested by rats, mice, roaches and lizards. Get a look at the tactics, and even an FPS sequence, in action in the new trailer.

Trail Out – Exclusive Gameplay Trailer

Trail out is an absurd, over-the-top car combat game that puts as much importance on explosions as it does precision driving. The new trailer shows off quite how crazy it gets, including a gigantic game of 10 pin bowling using cars, and a mode that has you ejecting your driver from a windcreen to hit a dartboard. A demo is out now.

Wanderlost – Exclusive Gameplay Trailer

Wanderlost is an unusually upbeat zombie survival game, having you scavenge, craft, and mow down enemy hordes in a very pretty pizel-art world. A new trailer shows everything from bucolic widlerness, to urban decay, to survivor camps.

Glitch Busters: Stuck on You – Exclusive Gameplay Trailer

A multiplayer shooter set in a vibrant, 2D/3D world, Glitch Busters sets you and your friends (or AI pals) against monstrous Internet glitches, developed by former members of the Nier Replicant and Dragon Quest teams. The new trailer shows off the game's ever-changing stages, many weapons, and co-op abilities.

Beneath Oresa – Exclusive Boss Fight Trailer

This stylish, cel-shaded roguelike desckbuilding gamehas you taking part in dynamic battles by using decks of card-based abilities – and a new trailer gives a glimpse of how the game will apply that to its bigger, more complex boss battles.

Block Buster VR – Exclusive Gameplay Trailer

This Meta Quest 2 exclusive sees you donning a monster costume of your choice and tearing your way through blocky cities in a kaiju rampage. The new trailer shows off you'll be destroying buildings, taking on enemies, eating civilians, and more.

Moonscars – Exclusive Walkthrough Trailer

This moody pixel-art hack 'n' slash looks like a worthy addition to 2D soulslike genre, and a new trailer explains some of the story, supernatural powers, and cursed bosses you'll find along the journey.

River City Saga: Three Kingdoms – Exclusive Gameplay Trailer

This new entry in the long-running brawler series takes the 2D combat of the River City series and transplants it into the Three Kingdoms period of Chinese folk-history. The new trailer shows off the game's 2 and 4 player co-op modes, and shows how familiar characters are recast as classic figures of history.

DNF Duel – Exclusive Gameplay Trailer

DNF Duel is an upcoming anime-inflected fighting game, and the latest trailer shows a glimpse at its many modes. Local Story, Survival and Arcade modes, online Ranked, Practice and seemingly enormous Collection options fill out the package, which arrives on PS5, PS4, and Steam on June 28.

Super Zoo Story – Exclusive Gameplay Trailer

Super Zoo Story has you managing a zoo, meeting the people working there, and even breeding dinosaurs – we've got a peaceful new look at the game.

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