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Extraction: Russo Brothers Want to Expand Netflix Film Into a Cinematic Universe

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The Russo brothers have revealed that they are working on building out an entire cinematic universe from Netflix's Extraction.In conversation with Collider, Joe and Anthony Russo, who produced Extraction, with Joe writing the script, shared an update on the upcoming sequel and discussed the potential development of future projects in the franchise, as they shared their plans to create an entire Extraction cinematic universe, exploring some of the characters' stories further.

"I will say this: we are working at building out a universe of films that could potentially explore some of the other characters from the first movie and some new characters, and see more historical interaction between the characters," Joe admitted. "So if you're interested in David Harbour's character, you just may get to see him in a future Extraction movie."In the first film, Harbour portrayed Gasper, a former squadmate of Chris Hemsworth's Tyler Rake, but the film ends with both characters supposedly dying. While the audience never actually witnessed Tyler's last breaths, he did appear to suffer a fatal injury. Russo explained how telling stories at different points in the timeline could potentially allow them to revisit these characters.

"We're trying to find more interesting ways to tell these stories and cross-pollinate them," Joe added. "We're big fans of just forging new paths in narrative. Can we go backwards and forwards at the same time? Can things that happened in the past affect the movies in the present? What are new ways to tell those stories? And can we see different points of view?"

He added: "Every antagonist is the protagonist in their own story, so can we see their point of view? How do they perceive the world? What makes them empathetic? I think what makes that a compelling element to the Extraction universe is it is a global franchise telling global stories, and we'd like to diversify the point of view in those movies."Extraction GalleryShortly after its release, Extraction was unveiled as one of the most popular Netflix original films of all time, attracting 99 million viewers in its first four weeks on the platform, according to figures released by Bloomberg. Russo previously confirmed that a sequel to the film is in the works, with production now scheduled to start sometime next fall. Check out our review of the first film here.

Adele Ankers is a Freelance Entertainment Journalist. You can reach her on Twitter.

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