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Best Mouse 2023

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Unless you're a hot-key wizard, odds are you're going to need a mouse or trackpad to get a lot of things done on your computer. Even if you have a keyboard shortcut for almost everything, there's still going to be plenty of times that a mouse would serve you better. And, let's not conflate a trackpad for a mouse, as in most cases it simply serves as the next best option. So, when it comes time to get some work done, browse the web, or hunker down for some gaming, you should make sure you've got a good mouse in your hand.

In most cases, the best gaming mice could do the job, as they tend to be loaded with features that can be handy in any situation, and they have amazingly accurate sensors. But, sometimes a simpler, work-oriented mouse can be the better option, such as where space is limited or for travel and a long battery life. Some mice even take into account the long hours you might be using them, and opt for ergonomic designs that will help avoid strain in your arm.

We've selected top contenders in a variety of categories, from gaming and non-gaming mice to trackball and ambidextrous mice. One thing most of these mice have in common, though, is one of the greatest modern conveniences: wireless connectivity. Whether they offer a USB receiver, a Bluetooth connection, or both, these mice can connect to devices without the need for wires, though some will still have the option to wire up when you need it.

TL;DR – These Are the Best Mice:

Logitech MX Master 3S

Best All-Around Mouse

Logitech MX Master 3SLogitech MX Master 3S

If Sauron made one mouse to rule them all, it'd be the Logitech MX Master 3S. This mouse makes some slight improvements upon the MX Master 3 that previously held the top spot. It’s a true champion with impressive capabilities that extend well beyond your typical office mouse. At the heart of the experience is Logitech's impressive tracking technology, which lets the mouse sensor track on just about any surface you try using as a mouse pad. Glass tabletop or metal counter? Sure. Your own thigh? Yup. And with this latest version, you get a bit more sensitivity adjustable up to 8,000 DPI, so faster mouse movements are at your fingertips.

The MX Master 3S is built to work with just about any device you want thanks to its combination of a USB wireless receiver and support for Bluetooth LE. Whether you want to connect it to a $10,000 desktop PC or a budget smartphone, it has a connection option. Logitech's Flow technology also makes it easy to use the mouse on multiple devices at once, letting you slide your pointer off the edge of one device's screen to see it land on the screen of another. All that functionality along with a stellar scroll wheel and thumb scroll wheel is packed into a quiet — thanks to a 90% less click sound than the MX Master 3 — ergonomic mouse with a whopping 70-day rechargeable battery life.

Microsoft Bluetooth Ergonomic Mouse

Best Budget Mouse

Microsoft Bluetooth Ergonomic MouseMicrosoft Bluetooth Ergonomic Mouse

The Microsoft Bluetooth Ergonomic Mouse is a simple and comfortable-to-grip option. Now, will you get a fancy sensor with high sensitivity and plenty of buttons ready for macros? Absolutely not. But for around $25, it gets the job done, giving you much finer control than a trackpad with a precise Pixart PAW 3228 sensor and tracking up to 2,400DPI—plenty for casual users.

It’s easy to connect the Microsoft Bluetooth Ergonomic Mouse to a wide range of devices wirelessly over Bluetooth LE. And though this controller is not cut out for gaming or advanced workflows, the clickable metal scroll wheel and four other buttons—some of which are programmable—can easily handle general navigation. As for battery life, the mouse is not rechargeable, but the two AAA batteries should last a commendable 15 months.

Razer Orochi V2

Best Multipurpose Mouse

Razer Orochi V2Razer Orochi V2

You don't want to have to own a bunch of mouses for different purposes – trust us, we have too much experience in this matter. The Razer Orochi V2 comes in to simplify your setup with dual wireless modes that make it a switch hitter that can take on your gaming and work needs alike.

At the heart of the Razer Orochi V2's capabilities are dual wireless modes. It can connect to a whole host of devices using Bluetooth LE, which will let you run the mouse for an absurd 950 hours on a single AA battery. The mouse also supports Razer's Hyperspeed Wireless with a special dongle attached to your PC, giving you low latency to take full advantage of the accurate Optical sensor. Using Hyperspeed Wireless, the mouse's battery life does drop down to 425 hours, but that's not too shabby either. The Razer Orochi V2 also offers a unique bit of flexibility, as you can power it with either a AA or AAA battery, effectively allowing you to tune the weight of the mouse, which starts out at just 60 grams.

Logitech G604 Lightspeed

Best Mouse for Macros

Logitech G604 LightspeedLogitech G604 Lightspeed

The Logitech G604 is another one of those mice that shouldn’t be mistaken as only being at home in a gaming environment. The G604 has a comfortable design and a scroll wheel that mimics that of the MX Master 3 by having both a free-spinning and a ratchet mode. You also get dual connectivity from a USB receiver and Bluetooth.

The Logitech G604 can run on a single AA battery for up to 5.5 months using Bluetooth or for 240 hours using a faster wireless connection. What helps the Logitech G604 shine outside of gaming is also what helps it shine in games: all the buttons. The G604 features 15 buttons in total, with six next to the thumb and an extra two near the left button. Paired with Logitech’s software, you can set up a whole host of macros to convince coworkers that you’re a spreadsheet wizard.

Logitech MX Vertical

Best Ergonomic Mouse

Logitech MX VerticalLogitech MX Vertical

If you’ve got your hand basically glued to your mouse all day, you may have run into a bit of pain in your arm. That can come from having your arm rotated inward for so long, and it can lead to RSI after some time. That’s something an ergonomic mouse aims to alleviate, and the Logitech MX Vertical is a compelling example of this.

At first glance, it might not even look like a mouse. It has the profile of a sailboat because of its high peak, but that gives you a grip that will keep your arm from twisting far inward. Beyond that comfortable grip, the mouse supports multiple connection modes over its USB receiver, Bluetooth, or a wired connection. It also supports Flow for use between multiple devices at once. If you forget to keep the four-month battery charged, you can get an extra three hours of power in just a minute of charging.

SteelSeries Rival 5

Best Gaming Mouse

SteelSeries Rival 5SteelSeries Rival 5

In terms of gaming, the SteelSeries Rival 5 rivals all the rest and always seems to win. It is wildly capable with an amazingly affordable price tag that just can’t be beaten by other gaming mice. At less than $45, you get a mouse with a solid, lightweight TruMove Air optical sensor. And, the five customizable DPI settings max out at 18,000, which means it can be extremely sensitive, precise and accurate, perfect for gaming and browsing alike.

There are an impressive nine buttons available on the Rival 5, therefore increasing the number of buttons that were found on the Rival 600, our former top contender. On top of the usual assortment, there is a unique toggle button above the thumb buttons and a total of five side buttons that you assign actions to. It’s perfect if you’re into FPS or Battle Royale games. Keep in mind the variety of buttons may take some getting used to. Also, there are 10 zones of LEDs packed into this mouse, making for some stunning RGB lighting. It is wired and lacks the custom weights that are often seen in more expensive options, which may contribute to the low cost, but its incredible versatility and features make it an excellent gaming mouse.

Lenovo Go Wireless Multi–Device Mouse

Best Portable Mouse

Lenovo Go Wireless Multi–Device MouseLenovo Go Wireless Multi–Device Mouse

Lenovo has a new mouse for the mobile workers. The Lenovo Go Wireless Multi-Device Mouse is part of its Go series, and it has a few tricks up its sleeve to really help it go the distance. The Lenovo Go Mouse uses a low-power optical sensor to help it sip on the built-in battery for two to three months at a time. When the battery is drained, you can quickly top it up with USB-C fast-charging to get an extra week of life in 15 minutes. Or, you can forget about plugging it in altogether as the mouse supports Qi wireless charging as well.

The Lenovo Go mouse can connect to one device using its USB-C wireless receiver and another two devices over Bluetooth. It can also quickly switch between those three devices, letting you operate on multiple systems with one mouse and no cables. And, with a quick toggle for DPI settings, you won’t have to see the mouse fly around one screen and then crawl on another.

Logitech MX Ergo

Best Trackball Mouse

Logitech MX ErgoLogitech MX Ergo

When desk space is tight, a trackball mouse can be a winning ally, and the Logitech MX Ergo has what it takes. This mouse features a large trackball paired with a button for enabling precision mode, so you can move your cursor right where you need it. It offers a total of eight buttons, including a tiltable scroll wheel.

If you’re wondering where the Ergo in the name comes from, it has to do with a feature in the stand. This mouse has an adjustable tilt, which can let you change the angle you hold it at. The MX Ergo offers up to four months of battery life and can get a full day of power in one minute of charging. It also supports Bluetooth connectivity and can sync across multiple devices using Flow.

Logitech Signature M650

Best Silent Mouse

Logitech Signature M650Logitech Signature M650

Maybe you love the clicky sound of a mouse, as it’s an indicator that you did in fact select something. But, sometimes this sound can be a bit annoying, especially if you’re working in an office or coffee shop environment. The Logitech Signature M650 solves that issue by offering a 90% quieter click noise than your average mouse. It’s also super affordable and highly capable, making it a perfect partner for your laptop.

The Logitech Signature M650 is a simple to use wireless mouse that connects to your computer via a USB receiver or Bluetooth. Once connected, you can customize the two side buttons to perform shortcuts and the SmartWheel lets you zip through long web pages. Plus, the mouse is contoured for all-day comfort, and it can be purchased in different sizes and shapes to best fit your grip. You should plan on getting some serious mileage out of this mouse, too, as the battery life is rated at up to two years from a single AA battery.

Logitech MX Anywhere 3

Best Mac Mouse

Logitech MX Anywhere 3Logitech MX Anywhere 3

Mac users who are on the go can have a trusted ally in the MX Anywhere 3 from Logitech. This mouse is delightfully compact, but still offers premium capabilities that won't let you down when you've got serious work to get done. At the heart of the MX Anywhere 3 is Logitech's Darkfield Sensor, which helps this mouse earns its name as a device that can track on almost any surface. So, whether you're working at your desk, set up at a glass table, or trying to mouse around on the armrest of a recliner, the MX Anywhere 3 will work to keep your mouse movements accurate.

Connectivity is another strong point of the MX Anywhere 3. For easier use on Macs, the MX Anywhere 3 offers Bluetooth connectivity, and it can pair with multiple devices and switch between them quickly with a button on the underside of the mouse. The mouse also supports a high-quality wireless connection using a USB receiver. And, if you're running out of battery, you can plug in the MX Anywhere 3 for a wired connection over USB-C. That'll also give you enough charge in one minute to use the mouse wirelessly for another three hours.

Danielle Abraham is a freelance writer and unpaid music historian.

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