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Sitting at your gaming desk in front of a gaming monitor might be how most PC gamers play. However, unless you've got a killer setup with a comfortable gaming chair, it often doesn’t compare to the coziness of lounging on your couch for some casual gaming. But when you switch over to that comfier position, you can't use your gaming keyboard and gaming mouse easily. At least, not unless you have a lapdesk, which lets you relax while still having an effective battle station or work setup.

Quality lapdesks offer a sturdy surface for your keyboard or laptop and an area to slide your mouse around. Some options have the desk rest right on your lap, while others wrap around you with extra cushioning taking the weight off your legs. It doesn’t stop there, as you can find lapdesks with USB hubs or keyboards for added convenience. And some have an extra large surface ready for a gaming laptop. Clearly, you have plenty of choices depending on your needs, and we’ve weeded through the duds to bring you the best lapdesk options – and click here to see them in the UK.

TL;DR – These are the Best Lapdesks for Gaming:

Razer Turret for Xbox One

Best Wireless Lapdesk

Razer TurretRazer Turret

Whether you've got a gaming PC or an Xbox Series X set up in your media center, the Razer Turret for Xbox One is a top-class partner to have on hand while couch gaming. This slightly bulky lapdesk should rest comfortably and remain stable on your lap, even offering a responsive mechanical keyboard with keys that allow Chroma RBG lighting to shine. Some other convenient quality-of-life features include a small space to rest your palm and a retractable mouse pad, which integrates magnets into the design to lightly hold down the included mouse.

The Razer Turret is effectively a wireless plug-and-play solution, as both the keyboard and mouse pair with a 2.4GHz dongle that uses Adaptive Frequency Technology to avoid congestion and maintain a strong connection. Of course, as a wireless device, battery life is essential, and with 40 hours of playtime from each charge—11 hours with RGB on—you’ll never need to worry about the keyboard dying during those marathon sessions. When you factor in these components and the lapdesk’s long-lasting durability, it makes the $250 price tag much more digestible.

Couchmaster Cycon²

Money is No Object Lapdesk

Couchmaster Cycon²Couchmaster Cycon²

If your couch is the most comfortable seat in the house, why would game or work anywhere else? With the Couchmaster Cycon², you don't have to, thanks to its massive adjustable cushions that flank your sides, doubling as armrests, and a large desktop surface. Those cushions are made of sturdy memory foam wrapped in a suede-like material for lasting durability.

The Couchmaster Cycon² is expensive, costing just under $200, though it’s ready to let you hunker down on your couch, as the desk surface has plenty of space for a full-size keyboard and mouse pad. The kit also includes a USB hub with six USB 3.0 ports for your peripherals and auxiliary power, ensuring you don't have issues connecting more power-hungry devices. Holes on the desk surface even help you manage your mouse and keyboard cables to keep the setup tidy, while pockets on the side are perfect for sliding in your TV remote.

Couchmaster Cybot

Best Laptop Lapdesk

Couchmaster CybotCouchmaster Cybot

Most lapdesks only have enough space for a keyboard and mouse, but the Couchmaster Cybot lets you set up a little battle station for the couch. On the desk surface, there’s a built-in ventilation grille for your laptop to pull up air, a slot to hold up a tablet or phone, and you even get a large gaming mousepad, so you’ll have plenty of room to complete all your actions. However, it’s important to note that this lapdesk is best for laptops 17 inches or smaller.

Couchmaster places cushions on either side of that desktop surface to keep your gaming station stable while you play and take the weight off your legs. Those cushions can be easily adjusted or removed, just like the Couchmaster Cycon², and feature a camo material with the front portion equipped with Kevlar to increase durability. To top it off, you get a wrist pad for additional comfort and pockets on the side to store accessories or cords.

Xdesk Flex

Best Couch-Side Standing Desk

Xdesk FlexXdeskXdesk Flex It’s right in the name, but this is one of the most flexible desks ever. You can have it sit as low as a coffee table to as high as an upright standing desk in a couple of seconds with the touch of a button. And, the lift motor is battery-powered.

Lapboards are great and all, but most either lock you into the seat for the long haul or rest on your legs, moving around when you move. That’s where the Xdesk Flex comes in handy, and though it’s not a lapdesk in the traditional sense, it gets the same job done while allowing more mobility. Its 30 x 24-inch surface and support for up to 100 pounds means you’ll enjoy ample room to work or play and major stability while you do so.

The Xdesk Flex is actually a convertible standing desk, but it’s built using quality materials and has a low-profile base that you can slide under a couch. Therefore, if you're sick of sitting and want to work on your posture, just raise the desk up using its handy motor. That means there's no need to worry about losing your favorite gaming keyboard and mouse in the process, either.

Couchmaster Cyworx

Best Lapdesk for Work

Couchmaster CyworxCouchmaster Cyworx

Do you like what you saw with the Couchmaster Cybot but want something a little less "gamery”? Then, you'll love the Couchmaster Cyworx. This lapdesk is virtually the same product, but Couchmaster has given it a makeover, so rather than the black and camo design of the Cybot, the Cywork has heather gray cushions and a natural-colored bamboo work surface. Both of which are extremely durable.

The Couchmaster Cyworx features adjustable cushions flanking the sides that serve two purposes: giving you armrests and elevating the work surface above your lap for a more ergonomic position. The board itself offers wrist pads for comfort, space for laptops up to 17 inches, a built-in tablet or phone holder, as well as a large mousepad—which Couchmaster includes. You even get a ventilation slot on the surface, letting your laptop pull up more air and stay cool while you work.

Couchmaster Lapboard²

Best Wired Gaming Lapdesk

Couchmaster Lapboard²Couchmaster Lapboard²

If you're into the overall vibe of Couchmaster's other products but don't need the special cushions to complete your setup, the Couchmaster Lapboard² will get you up and running comfortably in your living room. This lapdesk takes the gaming surface of the Cycon² and delivers it as a standalone product, giving you a massive, sturdy space with ample room for a full keyboard, along with a sizable mouse pad. You even get wrist rests, improving the ergonomics of this setup.

The Couchmaster Lapboard² offers more than an awesome gaming surface to justify the $150 price. You'll find cable routing holes to pass your mouse and keyboard cables through, eliminating the worry of them getting yanked off the front of the board. A six-port USB 3.0 hub is built-in to connect your main gaming peripherals directly to the lapdesk, and then just you can run a single USB cable between your battle station and your gaming PC. There’s even a fast charging port to get your gaming devices ready for action in no time.

LapGear Lap Desk

Best Padded Lapdesk

LapGear Lap DeskLapGear Lap Desk

Sometimes you just want something simple, sturdy, and comfy to toss a laptop or keyboard on while lounging. The LapGear Lap Desk is just that, coming with multiple fabric options to fit the aesthetic of your space, and it’s super affordable, too. Its heavily padded cushion conforms to your lap, so you can sit or lay in the coziest positions while keeping everything you’ve loaded on top of the desk in place.

Though the LapGear Lap Desk isn't the most ergonomic option, you get a decent size desk surface, holding laptops up to 15.6 inches, and there’s a stopper at the end of the board to ensure your laptop or other peripherals don’t slide off. A slot on the desk surface is even available to house your phone, while an elastic strap provides the perfect place to slot in a notebook or tablet. And that smooth, flat desktop prevents your electronics from overheating like they might if you were holding them in your lap.

Where to Get the Best Lapdesk in the UK

Couchmaster CYCON 2 Fusion GreyCouchmaster CYCON 2 Fusion Grey £145.00

What to Look for in a Lapdesk

For the most part, picking the right lapdesk for you is easy and mostly a process of finding what's most comfortable. It's all about personal preference. Given that most lapboards sit on your lap, you're going to want to find something relatively lightweight or is able to support itself using legs. If you have a lapdesk sitting on top of your legs, you're probably going to want something with a bit of cushion so that you don't just have a flat board pressing on you for hours

One other criteria in comfort to consider is how wide of a lapdesk do you want. You should buy one that's wide enough to balance properly on your lap even if you're legs are spread out wide. What's more, your larger play space will also allow your hands to sit apart from each other at an ergonomic distance. When gaming, you always want to have your arms far apart and a wide lapdesk will allow you to do this. Other considerations include how much surface space is needed, whether you'd like USB or power options, and if an included keyboard may be something that interests you.

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