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How to Play the Halo Games in Chronological Order

Xbox’s flagship shooter is an intergalactic sci-fi saga with narrative foundations that date back billions of years. Despite that far-reaching history, the actual Halo...

Guinness World Records 2009: Gamer's Edition Sneak Preview

Last year Guinness World Records released its first Gamer's Edition, a giant tome filled with videogame high scores and speed run times....

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 06

Electronic Arts has done it. The promised next-generation of Tiger Woods PGA Tour has arrived. Only, there's a catch: very little about it is...

Beyond Good & Evil

Can a game offer plenty of finger-twitching action, wow-worthy visuals, and still tell a story that's sophisticated, even profound? Can videogames convey social...

Morrowind Review

Don't get me wrong. I'm a dedicated Baldur's Gate II enthusiast. I've played through the main saga and the add-on more times...

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