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Ikaruga Review

If you have 800 Microsoft Points (US $10), set them aside. If you don't, go buy some. Ikaruga has finally made its way to...

Arabian Nights: Prince of Persia

Just when I was about to give up on the licensing ability of the toy company gone digital, Mattel Interactive, they reach into their...

Arabian Nights: Prince of Persia

Who out there in his twenties or beyond didn't have his imagination captured by the original Prince of Persia? The amazing animation of...

Prince of Persia Gets a New Identity

3-D adventure fans everywhere took note when Mattel Interactive announced the port of their PC follow-up to the classic Prince of Persia series for...

Resident Evil – CODE: Veronica Dreamcast Review

Few titles have the honor of saying that they were the "first" to invoke a particular emotion from a gamer. Some, such as...

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